Small Wonders - BussertImages

Small Wonders opened in 2014 at the Chateau Thomas Gallery in Nashville, Indiana. This show is a collection of macro florals that specifically focuses on plants that are considered nuisance plants or are so small they are commonly overlooked. Many of the blooms shown here measure 1/4" in diameter, or smaller, but the finished images can be enlarged to 30"x40", or larger.

Small Wonders is an ongoing project, as we continue to seek out and document the beauty that is easily overlooked. It is, in many ways, a metaphor for life: How often do each of us overlook someone if we don't see an immediate benefit to connecting with them. This project is dedicated to the overlooked in our society, and is designed to remind us all that beauty exists in all places if we just stop and look.

Limited edition prints which include the original flowers pressed and set into the mat are available.